"Queserías Picos de Europa"

More than 30 years developing a unique cheese in the world.

Queserías Picos de Europa

Much more than a family tradition

Queserías Picos de Europa is located in Posada de Valdeón, the main town in the Valdeón valley, in the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park.

With the help of two brothers, Tomás and Javier Alonso, we started our activity more than 30 years ago.

Queserías Picos de Europa - Tomás y Javier Alonso

Tradition is part of our DNA

We are the third generation of a family business founded in the 70's by our grandfather. We faithfully follow everything we have learned to maintain the essence that makes us different.

Queserías Picos de Europa -  Tercera generación

We continue being a family

The Blue Cheese of Valdeón is our legacy and the best kept secret. Thanks to the way in which we elaborate it, as we have learned from our ancestors, every day is more recognized both inside and outside our borders.

Queserías Picos de Europa - Una familia

The guarantee of being a "IGP" Protected Geographical Indication

The Blue Cheese is one of our legacies and the way to authenticate it, is the seal/stamp of the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). In this way, we intend to consolidate a traditional product and essential presence in Leonese gastronomy.

Queserías Picos de Europa - IGP

A continuous bet for quality and food securit

Quality and food safety are fundamental for us. In order to guarantee them, we have an Integrated Food Safety Management System based on the HACCP principles (HACCP) through which we are able to offer our customers and consumers not only high quality products but also safe products, controlling all our productive process, from raw materials to final products.

Queserías Picos de Europa - IFS - BRC

The landscape, the secret ingredient

Tasting the Blue Cheese, in the landscape from which it originates, makes the most exquisite palate surrender to the traditional flavor of one of the most emblematic gastronomic products of the province of León.

Queserías Picos de Europa - Paisaje

Surrender to taste in a genuine landscape

Discover the valley